George Crumb Trio



The Washington Post

A Killer „Whale“ From The George Crumb Trio … George Crumb`s neo-impressionist “Vox Balenae” (“Voice of the Whale”), one of the 20th century`s most evocative pieces of music, received a brilliant performance at the Austrian Embassy … The George Crumb Trio, an Austrian group headquartered in Linz, vigorously and subtly demonstrated its right to use the name of the American composer …
– Joseph McLellan (USA)


Geral, Porto Alegre (Brasilia)

The George Crumb Trio gave a thoroughly spectecular concert.


Mainichi Daily News
The tones of George Crumb’s “Vox Balaenae” are painting an oriental atmosphere. The mystical, enchanted interpretation of the ensemble may remind the listener of the music of Toru Takemitsu.
– Mainichi Daily News (Japan)
Good News from Austria. The likeable George Crumb Trio presented a brilliant concert in the Danish radio.
– Politiken (Denmark)


George Crumb (USA) on the George Crumb Trio:

“They have a deep and authentic understanding of my music. I feel honoured that the trio has named itself after me. I can only compare them to the Kronos Quartett.”